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Softshell Turtle

Baby Soft Shell on the Courtois

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Our most frequent floaters always upload awesome pictures and videos from their float trips! The last two float trips they have taken they have spotted a baby soft shell turtle! It goes about swimming in the water for a few minutes then it decides to disappear in the bottom of the river burying itself beneath the rocks & sand. You don't see as many soft shells as you used to but they have been coming back over the years. Unlike most turtles, who have hard, bony shells, the spiny softshell has a leathery shell lacking bony plates, and some say this turtle resembles a pancake with legs. What turtles are your favorite?

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2017 Season Kickoff


The sun is shining once again here at Bass’ River Resort and the first big weekend of the season is upon us! As we kick off our 50th Anniversary, we wanted to highlight all of the activities available at the resort and hope that you can come visit us!

As always, floating is one of the most popular options for our guests! Whether you choose to take canoes, kayaks, or rafts, a float trip down the crystal clear waters of the Courtois always makes for a great day! We also offer trips on the Huzzah and Meramec rivers, and have multiple length of trip options to choose from.

Camping is another big attraction for our visitors. Whether you want a primitive tent spot at the water’s edge or a full hook up site for your RV, we have everything you need for a peaceful weekend getaway!

If camping is not your thing, we also offer a variety of lodging options, and still have some available for Memorial Day weekend! We have lodging that can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 20 people! Call us today to get a cabin booked!

If you are staying with us and take a notion to channel your inner cowboy, we also offer horseback riding! We have 3 options available for your trail riding adventure, including: 1 hour and 2 hour rides, as well as a 1 ½ hour sunset ride. We also offer kiddie rides for our younger guests.

MemorialDaySpecialsThis weekend we will also be running some merchandise specials, so make sure to stop by the store and shop! All Bass River Resort caps will be 15% off and we will have 2 pack t-shirts on sale for $20. We will also have a variety of t-shirts and hoodies on sale, so come check it out!

 Our annual Memorial Day campers know that it rains every year, so why wouldn’t it this year? We know the forecast calls for rain, but it changes consistently! Let’s all pray for sunshine because sunshine is what makes people smile!

 No matter what you are looking for, we have it at Bass’ River Resort! So come help us kick off our 50th Anniversary with a little Fun Down In the Country!

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Spring 2017 Flood

Rain is a good thing, or at least according to Luke Bryan it is. He’s not wrong, but in some cases, too much rain is, well…too much rain. Last week was an example of this. Now, we’re no strangers to the rain and we love a rainy night as much as the next person, but last week was an exception. It rained, and rained, and kept raining, and then it rained some more. We expected the water to rise, but didn’t realize how high the water was about to get.

We had an abundance of rain over a short period of time, causing the rivers and creeks to rise rapidly. There was so much rain that even locals couldn’t remember the last time the water had been this high. Here at Bass’ River Resort, the Courtois got out of its banks and got all the way to the 2nd step of the stairs here at the main store, reaching through most of the parking lot and even putting the pool underwater. Most of campground and campsites were underwater as well. As of this writing, the Courtois is back to its crystal clear self and is in great shape for floating.

The Meramec River got higher than it has been in an extremely long time, if ever. The water got so high, it almost touched the bottom of the Hwy. 19 bridge, and covered the railroad bridge on Birdsnest Road.

The Meramec rose and stayed high for a longer period of time than the Courtois and Huzzah rivers. Many highways, roads, and bridges shut down in St. Louis and surrounding areas and stayed closed for days because of the flooding of the Meramec. This was not the case here. The smaller creeks and streams, including the Courtois and Huzzah, crest and fall as quickly as they rise.

So come visit us and see for yourself that we haven’t floated away! While the Meramec may not be in the best condition yet, the Courtois and Huzzah rivers are ready for floaters and we are open for business! We appreciate all the calls/texts/messages and prayers from our friends and customers during the flood and hope to see everyone soon!





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MoRoots 2017

MoRoots 2017

It's time once again music lovers!  MoRoots music festival is coming back to Bass' River Resort this April and we're getting pumped! The cards have been stacked this year with some national acts sprinkled in amoung the outstanding lineup of local and regional bands which are the focus of MoRoots.


Get ready to get down for 3 days straight from April 27th to the April 29th.  Bands will be playing back to back, all night long, on 2 stages rigged with explosive sound and lighting!  No matter what type of music you're into, the wide range of music genres represented ensures there will be a little bit of something for everyone, even the kiddos!  There will be activities and workshops for kids throughout the weekend including a nature walk, parachute play, bubbles, kids yoga, and music just for them!

You will find vendors galore lining the path on your short walk from stage to stage.  Grab some chow from one of many food vendors and browse some artwork while you're on your way to check out the next act.  There will be plenty of different hand crafted goods for sale that it's going to be an extreme challenge to get home without buying something one of a kind!

vendor pic

What would a music festival be without the camping?  You'll be happy to know that on-site festival style camping is included in the ticket price and you can be as close or as far away from the action as you want to be.  If that's not your thing and you prefer a roof and four walls, staying in one of our cabins might be more up your alley.  Bass' River Resort will provide all of the amenities and facilities you've come to expect from us.  So come on down to Bass' River Resort for MoRoots this year and have some good ole' FDIC!!


For more detailed information on MoRoots, check out the facebook event page here!


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Riding for A Reason Charity Ride

Riding for A Reason Charity Ride

 R4R BannerPic

Save the date....April 1, 2017!!!

Join us for the 3rd Annual Riding for A Reason (R4R) Charity UTV/ATV ride held right here at Bass' River Resort.  They have recently released the pricing...


You can pre-register by clicking on the link in the upper right hand corner of our home page.

"Riding for A Reason was founded for the sole purpose to raise awareness of colon cancer and prevention while doing what we love to do - riding ATVs and Side by Sides!" - John Gunter, President of Riding for A Reason. 

There will be other activities/events throughout the day besides the ride, including: Silent Auction, Raffles, onsite Tshirt Vendor, Grudge Match Drag Racing, dinner and concert to name a few.  The dinner this year will be BBQ pulled pork instead of the fish fry that they have had in the past.  For the concert, JESSICA TIPTON will be opening for TYLER HAMMOND.  This is a day crammed full of fun and events that you do not want to miss! Reserve your package today!

 Watch for updates on their Facebook page, or to learn more about R4R and their other events , checkout their website. (You can also make donations on their site!)

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Fall is in the air!


If you think of a cliché painting of fall time, that’s what it’s like here at Bass’ River Resort during that time of year, and that’s not a bad thing! All the trees turn shades of orange, red, and yellow and temperatures start to drop. You can smell autumn in the air. It’s the perfect time of year to be outside and go on an adventure, and Bass’ is the perfect place to help make that happen!

Besides camping (which is a fun choice all year long!), here at the resort we offer horseback riding, hayrides, hiking, and floating. We offer horseback riding that goes on trails through the campground, through the river bottom, and over mountains, and it is especially pretty in the fall. We even have a ride that goes out at sunset. When the sun is setting on the color changed trees and throughout the river bottom, it is breathtaking.

Other activities here at the resort that you can take part in include floating, hayrides, and hiking. Here at Bass’ River Resort we float year round, so floating when the scenery is beautiful is a treat! We have options for hayrides that end with a bonfire. Those rides are perfect for those cool fall evenings!

The Ozark Trail also comes through sections of our campground, so hiking is another great option for the fall season. For more information on the Ozark Trail, check out our other blog with information on it here on our website.

Another fall time option for the avid hunter and fisherman is a visit to the Huzzah Conservation Area. The following information is from their website, http://mdc7.mdc.mo.gov/applications/moatlas/AreaSummaryPage.aspx?txtAreaID=5702 :

“Huzzah Conservation Area is located in Crawford County. The area consists of 6,225 acres. Rugged forest terrain, the Meramec River and Huzzah and Courtois Creeks draw many visitors to this area. The Ozark Hiking Trail transects most of the area and allows hikers access to many of its unique features. The Narrows, located in the extreme southwest portion of the area, is a narrow hogback ridge divided between Huzzah and Courtois Creeks that features extremely steep topography and rapidly changing vegetation from ridge to creek bottom.

The remains of the Scotia Furnace and Iron Works are located on the property. The Scotia Furnace, built by John G. Scott, Robert Anderson, Thomas Howard and Anvil James, produced pig iron from 1870 to 1880. Much of the forest in the vicinity of the furnace remains was clearcut during that period to produce charcoal to fire the furnace.

The area is managed for a variety of game and non-game wildlife species. Timber harvests have been used to produce forage and cover for wildlife. Watering ponds and permanent food plots have been established for the benefit of wildlife.”

If you want to get out of the house this fall and take in some of the beauty of the Ozarks, come visit us at Bass’ River Resort! We guarantee that you’ll have a blast!

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Teach a man to fish...

When you come down to Bass’ River Resort, there is more to do than just camping and floating. The crystal clear waters of the Courtois make for some great fishing! In these streams you’ll find both Large and Smallmouth Bass, Goggle Eye, Bluegill, Suckers, Alligator Gar and Sunfish to name a few. You can also find the occasional trout and catfish, but they are not as heavily populated as the aforementioned species.

Optimized IMGP9137 1

Smallmouth Bass are plentiful in the Courtois, Huzzah, and Meramec rivers. These fish are found mostly in the clear and cold streams of the Ozarks in the state of Missouri. They thrive in the rock and gravel bottoms of these streams, and are typically found close to the riffles instead of out in the main current. Smallmouth are most active at dawn and dusk. They are the dominant species of large predatory fish in most streams and are the “ecological replacement” for spotted and largemouth bass according to the Missouri Department of Conservation. Smallmouth Bass are the most sought-after sport fish in the cool, clear streams here in the Ozarks.

For more information on smallmouth fishing in Missouri, check out: http://mdc.mo.gov/conmag/2002/02/stream-smallmouths-beginners

Optimized IMGP9079 1

When visiting us here at the resort, make sure to ask any questions you may have regarding fishing in the Courtois and in our campground. Fishing is permitted on our float trips (as long as you have a valid Missouri Fishing Permit), and is allowed all along the banks here in the resort. There is a good fishing hole just above the 200s area of the campground!

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Take a Hike!

    A hidden treasure here at Bass’ River Resort is the Ozark Trail. First drafted in 1977 in response to a minimal number of trails in the state of Missouri, the Ozark Trail has since grown to almost 400 miles of trail, with approximately 230 miles of thru-trail. The trail winds through the beautiful Ozarks region of our state, and passes through right here at Bass’!


    You can hike some of the tallest mountains in the state in the St. Francois Mountain sections of the trail, and you can hike through many of Missouri’s State Parks on many different sections as well. In our section of the trail, you will hike along the crystal clear waters of the Courtois Creek, and along some very scenic bluffs. We are happy to offer our services to users of the Courtois and Trace Creek Sections. We have numerous and varied accommodations should you want a comfortable home base from which to explore the trail and a shuttle service to take you to or from trail heads. Should you want to expand your Ozark Trail experience with a float trip on one of our awesome streams, we have a full range of floating crafts and float trip options on the Courtois, Huzzah, and Meramec rivers for you to choose from.

Shuttle Service & Rates

1 Way Shuttle First 2 People
Onondaga-Bass $40.00
Bass-Huzzah Wildlife $35.00
Hwy 8 Trailhead-Bass $35.00
Harmon Springs-Bass $40.00
Hazel Creek-Bass $60.00
Onondaga-Hwy 8 Trailhead $60.00
Council Bluff-Bass $100.00
Harmon Springs-Onondaga $60.00
Hwy DD Trailhead $80.00

*Each additional person is $15.00


Parking Fee $5.00 p/vehicle, $5.32 w/tax

Advance reservations are recommended, at least one week in advance to guarantee availability.

We cover Onondaga Trailhead to Council Bluffs. We do offer custom shuttles of which the price will be based off of Round Trip, Mileage, & Time. Please inquire for rates.

For more information on the Ozark Trail, visit www.ozarktrail.com!


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Get out there and Explore!

While you're here visiting us this summer, don't forget that there is more things to do than just hang out at the resort! This week, I thought I'd highlight some of the tourist attractions close to Bass'! When you drive through Steelville, it may not look like much, but looks can be decieving. There are tons of award winning wineries, local shops, antique stores, restaurants, and other attractions.

      If you make the 10 mile drive into Steelville, you can get your shopping fix on, as well as grab a bite langeto eat. Lange General Store is an old time one-stop-shop located on Main Street. They have an assortment of nostalgic candies, sodas, and creeksideother items that will take you for a trip down memory lane. If you continue down the sidewalk, you will find Creekside Fudge & Gifts. The shop was purchased from its longtime owner this past fall, and has expanded to include local area themed t-shirts and other knick knacks, as well as some delicious fudge! There are a few other stores in town, including Yadkin Creek Mercantile and Edie's Backwoods Antiques, which you can check out as well.

     If you continue down the road another 10 miles or so to Cuba, there are two very well stocked antique stores located on the outer road by Interstate 44. Old Crow & Lonestar Antiques have a wide variety of items. There are a number of other stores in Cuba as well.

     If you're hungry and don't feel like one of our homemade pizzas from the store or cookingfountain over your campfire, there are plenty of local dining options as well. In Steelville, you can get some mouthwatering BBQ and steaks at Missouri Hick South, located right by the 3 way stop light in town. If an old fashioned burger and milkshake is more what you're thinking, Dairy Isle is the place to be! Another place that will take you a step back in time is The Fountain. They serve homemade ice cream, shakes, and floats, as well as serve gourmet food out of the old 1900s drug store/soda fountain.

     There is also a Chinese restaurant, Subway, Taste of Home Cafe, and Spare Rib Diner in Steelville. If you are in the mood for some south of the border flair, Riviera Maya in Cuba should definitely be on your list. It is located right across the railroad tracks from another local favorite, Frisco's Bar & Grill.pbvinfall

     If you are a wine connoisseur, there are lots of wineries for you to visit. Peaceful Bend Vineyard is located on Highway T in Steelville. This quaint little winery is tucked away in the woods, and has many award winning wines for you to sample. You can visit them at www.peacefulbend.com!

    Located stjameswineryalong the outer road in St. James, there is three must stop wineries/breweries to add to your list! St. James Winery has been producing wine for over 40 years and have become the most awarded winery in Missouri. You can visit them at www.stjameswinery.com! Right across the parking lot is Public House Brewery, specializing in craft beers. You can check them out at www.publichousebrewery.com! If you continue down the outer road, you will find yet another winery, Meramec Vineyards. Find out more about them at www.meramecvineyards.com!

     When you come down for your visit this summer, make sure to check out all our local businesses! You can also go to www.exploresteelville.com for more information on these businesses, as well as others not mentioned!

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The Secret to River Discovery

The Secret to River Discovery

When the legendary explorers Lewis and Clark stepped off the banks onto their flotilla of pirogues and keelboats to sail west in 1804, they knew they were leaving behind all signs of civilization.

Isolated fishing CourtoisPhoto: Robyn Areno Ehrmann
Empty stretches of river during the week are perfect for anglers floating the Courtois.

“We were now about to penetrate a country at least two thousand miles in width, on which the foot of civilized man had never trod...” contemplated Meriwether Lewis in 1804. In his imagination he conjured colorful imagery of what they might discover.

You can still experience a similar sense of wonderment to what Lewis and Clark experienced. It awaits every river floater traversing the Courtois, Huzzah and Meramec rivers.

Floating backto campsitePhoto: Robyn Areno Ehrmann
Floating back to your car is a convenient benefit of floating the Courtois.

But, you have to know the secret to unlocking the beauty deep within the heart of Ozark river country.

By departing a day or two after the weekend crowds have thinned out, your river excursion can literally float you back in time to your own “expedition of discovery.”

Floating during the week can be a solitary experience. Fewer floaters venture out on the river during the week. You'll encounter longer stretches of empty water and more chances to view wildlife or fish the bounty of the streams.

With less crowds, you may float silently near groups of aquatic box turtles sunning themselves on a partially sunken tree limb. Wild turkeys inhabit these wilds and are plentiful so keep your eye out for a flock feeding on a river bank. The great horned owl and bald eagle have also been spotted.

Small Mouth BassPhoto: Robyn Areno Ehrmann
Smallmouth Bass (Micropterus dolomieu) are plentiful in the Courtois, Huzzah and Meramec rivers.

An abundance of critters inhabit the majestic limestone bluffs, rocky outcroppings and cliffs. Salamanders and snakes lie protected under stones and dark passages. Crawfish make their homes in muddy banks and below the surface small-mouth bass abound. They are one of Missouri's most popular game fish and can keep any angler entertained throughout their float.

Floats on the Courtois river are the most popular since you can float right back to your campsite at Bass' River Resort. With nine different floats available on the Courtois, you can experience a full range of floating challenges and each one presents a completely different experience during the week rather than on the weekend.

Longnose GarPhoto: Robyn Areno Ehrmann
A Missouri Longnose Gar fish (Lepisosteus osseus) glides along the banks of the middle Courtois.

Choose your own adventures on the Courtois:

The Berryman to Blunt Slab float is approximately seven miles for canoes and kayaks. This part of the stream can pose a challenge to the novice in the spring after a good rain when water levels rise transforming the rapids to a Class II status; or it can be a great, leisurely outing for the entire family at normal levels. It's tight and twisty and generally has very few hazards.

Blunts Low Water Bridge to Bass is approximately six miles long. It is one of the nicest parts of the Courtois with large winding gravel bars for riverside picnicking. Herons and other wildlife often frequent the long still pools of crystal clear water. This short duration float is perfect for swimming, fishing and relaxing fun in the sun.

Bass to Scotia, starting at the low water bridge at Bass, this trip is approximately seven and a half miles long. Experience a wilderness-type trip where deep, dark caves are located on the banks of this section of the stream. You'll float through sections of the Mark Twain National Forest and on to the Huzzah Wildlife Area. About 100 yards above Scotia's low water bridge is the confluence of the Huzzah and Courtois.

Isolated Rafting on the CourtoisPhoto: Robyn Areno Ehrmann
Rafts are a stable platform to watch the ever changing river scenery on the Courtois.

Scotia to Onondaga is approximately four to five miles and the stream becomes a little wider. It's called the Huzzah for the next 1.5 miles. As the waters of the combined Courtois and Huzzah, rivers enters the Meramec River the water becomes very deep, slow and wide. In most places you can't see the bottom, but it's an excellent trip for the true fisherman. When you reach Onondaga there's a high water bridge. You'll float under the bridge and take out immediately on your right.

Missouri Aster FlowersPhoto: Robyn Areno Ehrmann
Along the banks of the Courtois wild asters come to bloom in early spring and paint the forest with their vivid colors.

The Huzzah river parallels the Courtois to the west and provides a similar floating experience to the Courtois. For paddlers wanting to avoid sharing the water with throngs of other floaters, Huzzah Creek offers a splendid paddling destination. And you have the option of paddling all the way through to the Meramec river from either the Courtois or Huzzah.

Bass' River Resort has been a popular floating departure point for thousands of adventurers over the years.

But to truly experience a wilderness outing, create your own “Discovery Expedition” by floating the river during the week days after most everyone has already left.

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Change is Inevitable, Unless it's from a Vending Machine

Change is Inevitable, Unless it's from a Vending Machine

   Spring isn't the only thing in the air here at Bass' River Resort. Lots of changes are on the way, and I will be your tour guide to make sure you are up to date! First off, I'm going to take a little time to introduce myself. My name is Logan, and I am junior at Northwest Missouri State University. My hometown is here in Steelville, and I 'll be with you all summer, blogging about all that is going on here at Bass! Due to attending school August through April, I am not here year round. This was my first week back for the season, and I was introduced to all the new things that are going on. As we gear up for the approaching warmer weather and summer time, I thought I'd take the time to tell you about all that is happening here at the resort!

    One of the majowebsitehomer changes is our new website,   which you've probably noticed since you're reading this blog! We totally revamped the site during the off-season. Besides making changes to the appearance, our guests can now make online reservations. You don't have to call us during business hours on the phone anymore, although we still love to chat with you all! You can log onto www.bassresort.com 24 hours a day, seven days a week and make all your reservations for camping, floating, lodging, and most of the other great activities we offer! The new system allows you to see multiple options available for each activity, and is extremely accurate with data entry of all of your critical information.

    In addition to changes with technology, we have also added thredeluxecozy1e new Cozy Deluxe cabins. These cabins, along with our additional Cozy Deluxe cabins, have one bedroom with a queen bed, one bedroom with a double/single bunk bed, and a living room with a queen size hide-a-bed. The units are also furnished with a kitchen that includes a stove, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, and table and chairs. The cabins all have heat and A/C, full bathroom, and a deck where you can sit and enjoy the fresh Ozark mountain air!

   Down in the store there is tons of new merchandise available for our guests! We recently added quite a few t-shirts and hoodies with a vintage them to them! You'll be feeling groovy walking around the resort in them! We also have lots of hats, and all of your basic necessities for camping that you'll need! We're always adding new stuff, so check often!





   This about sums up the major changes happening at Bass' River Resort. I'll be keeping you updated all summer, and I hope that you'll keep checking back for new blogs as we spotlight the different activities we offer, as well as Staff Spotlights, recipes, photos, and more!

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Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Riders of all skill levels enjoy our guided horseback rides!  Enjoy a wonderful equstrian adventure riding through our Ozark River Country on a one or two hour horseback ride.  Our scenic trails wind along the beautiful Courtois River and through the scenic hills of the Mark Twain National Forest to our special mountain overlook.  We also offer a breathtaking Sunset Ride beginning at 6:30 pm and lasting approximately 1 1/2 hours.  Our famous scenic overlook is absolutely spectacular as the sun sets! So no one is left out of the fun, we offer children 7 years and under a pony ride at the stable that lasts approximately 10 minutes.

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Deluxe Cozy Cabins

Deluxe Cozy Cabins

The Deluxe Cozy Cabins will accommodate up to 7 people per unit, maximum. Each unit has 1 bedroom with a queen bed, 1 bedroom with a double/single bunk bed and a living room with a queen size hide-a-bed. Units are furnished with a kitchenette that includes a stove, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker and table with chairs. They also inlcude heat & A/C, restroom with shower and deck. All lodging units come with fire ring, picnic table and charcoal grill. A 2 night minimum on weekends and a 3 night minimum stay on holiday weekends is required. Sunday nights on holiday weekends are Saturday rates.

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Canoeing is a great way to enjoy the crystal clear Courtois, Huzzah, and Meramec Rivers. Bass' River Resort offers the finest floating services on Missouri's most popular streams in the Ozarks. We offer canoe trips varying from 6, 7, and 13 mile lengths. Our most popular floats are those floating to and from the campground, which is located right along the Courtois River.

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