Tuesday, 23 January 2018

2017 Season Kickoff


The sun is shining once again here at Bass’ River Resort and the first big weekend of the season is upon us! As we kick off our 50th Anniversary, we wanted to highlight all of the activities available at the resort and hope that you can come visit us!

As always, floating is one of the most popular options for our guests! Whether you choose to take canoes, kayaks, or rafts, a float trip down the crystal clear waters of the Courtois always makes for a great day! We also offer trips on the Huzzah and Meramec rivers, and have multiple length of trip options to choose from.

Camping is another big attraction for our visitors. Whether you want a primitive tent spot at the water’s edge or a full hook up site for your RV, we have everything you need for a peaceful weekend getaway!

If camping is not your thing, we also offer a variety of lodging options, and still have some available for Memorial Day weekend! We have lodging that can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 20 people! Call us today to get a cabin booked!

If you are staying with us and take a notion to channel your inner cowboy, we also offer horseback riding! We have 3 options available for your trail riding adventure, including: 1 hour and 2 hour rides, as well as a 1 ½ hour sunset ride. We also offer kiddie rides for our younger guests.

MemorialDaySpecialsThis weekend we will also be running some merchandise specials, so make sure to stop by the store and shop! All Bass River Resort caps will be 15% off and we will have 2 pack t-shirts on sale for $20. We will also have a variety of t-shirts and hoodies on sale, so come check it out!

 Our annual Memorial Day campers know that it rains every year, so why wouldn’t it this year? We know the forecast calls for rain, but it changes consistently! Let’s all pray for sunshine because sunshine is what makes people smile!

 No matter what you are looking for, we have it at Bass’ River Resort! So come help us kick off our 50th Anniversary with a little Fun Down In the Country!

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Spring 2017 Flood

Rain is a good thing, or at least according to Luke Bryan it is. He’s not wrong, but in some cases, too much rain is, well…too much rain. Last week was an example of this. Now, we’re no strangers to the rain and we love a rainy night as much as the next person, but last week was an exception. It rained, and rained, and kept raining, and then it rained some more. We expected the water to rise, but didn’t realize how high the water was about to get.

We had an abundance of rain over a short period of time, causing the rivers and creeks to rise rapidly. There was so much rain that even locals couldn’t remember the last time the water had been this high. Here at Bass’ River Resort, the Courtois got out of its banks and got all the way to the 2nd step of the stairs here at the main store, reaching through most of the parking lot and even putting the pool underwater. Most of campground and campsites were underwater as well. As of this writing, the Courtois is back to its crystal clear self and is in great shape for floating.

The Meramec River got higher than it has been in an extremely long time, if ever. The water got so high, it almost touched the bottom of the Hwy. 19 bridge, and covered the railroad bridge on Birdsnest Road.

The Meramec rose and stayed high for a longer period of time than the Courtois and Huzzah rivers. Many highways, roads, and bridges shut down in St. Louis and surrounding areas and stayed closed for days because of the flooding of the Meramec. This was not the case here. The smaller creeks and streams, including the Courtois and Huzzah, crest and fall as quickly as they rise.

So come visit us and see for yourself that we haven’t floated away! While the Meramec may not be in the best condition yet, the Courtois and Huzzah rivers are ready for floaters and we are open for business! We appreciate all the calls/texts/messages and prayers from our friends and customers during the flood and hope to see everyone soon!





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