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Group Organizer- Handouts

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What to Bring, What Not to Bring, What to Wear and River Safety

Swimming: All participant should be able to swim. The water is usually crystal clear, but great attention should be paid to rocks and trees under the waters surface. Also, recognize strong currents and congested areas. Jumping from rock ledges and trees is not suggested, yet if it is done, extreme precautions should be taken to avoid injuries.

Life Jackets: They will be provided to those that request a PFD. The PFD is not a requirement on smaller streams. Anyone who is the least bit worried, please ask and we will gladly accommodate. Please ask for your life jacket before leaving for your river trip making sure that it fits properly and that it is in tact.

Footwear: Sneakers or river shoes should be worn at all times to avoid foot injury. Socks should be worn if there is a threat of cool weather.

Appropriate Clothing: Shorts or a bathing suit are a necessity. Shirts may be suggested to avoid overexposure to direct sunlight. A windbreaker and a poncho are good ideas in case of surprises. For cooler weather, light layers of wool or polypropylene are great protectors. Wet suits are useful, but not a necessity.

Waterproof Sunscreen: Sunscreen or tanning oils are highly recommended. Sunburns come easily when having a relaxing day on the river and even on hazy days. Hats and a shirt are good to have available.

Eyeglasses/Sunglasses: Straps should be worn to protect from loss in the water. They are available at the Outpost.

Lunch & Snacks: These should be brought in a small cooler to keep them cool and dry. The cooler should have an attached lid. Try not to bring anything that perishes easily.

Drinks, Juices & Water: NEVER BRING GLASS CONTAINERS! Alcohol is permitted, please be careful. Be sure to bring plenty of water, soda, and juices to ward-off dehydration.

Leave Valuable at Home: Lock any valuables that were brought with you in your car and out of sight.

Car Keys: It is never a good idea to take your keys on the river. If you do, make sure that they are in a safe and secure place.

Water-Proofing: "Pickle Barrels" - buckets with lids, zip-lock bags and double garbage bags are a good way to keep your things dry.

Tie for Safety: Tie your gear to the craft with string or rope.

Cameras: Only use water-proof cameras unless proper containers are brought.

Litter: PLEASE DO NOT LITTER THE RIVER! Bags are supplied as standard equipment with each unit. Coolers are also useful containers. If you capsize, please retrieve any loose articles.