Sunday, 25 August 2019

Floating Release Form

Group Leader Packages
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Assumption of Risk

The Undersigned person(s) has been advised and acknowledges that canoeing, boating, kayaking, and rafting can be a dangerous activity. The participant can receive personal injuries and possibly incur fatal injuries. The undersigned also can loose or damage items of personal property.

Being fully advised of the risks of loss of personal property, personal injury and possibility of fatal injuries, the undersigned person fully assumes the risk and agrees to hold the lessor of said canoeing, boating and rafting equipment harmless for any loss of property, personal injury or death occasioned by its use.

The undersigned assumes all responsibility for all rental equipment issued to him or her, and to pay for any replacement or repairs necessary to return equipment to its original condition.

Tips on Floating

Please don't liter. Please respect the rights of private property owners.
These rivers are patrolled by the Missouri State Water Patrol.

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The Staff of Bass' River Resort wish you a safe and enjoyable trip!